Molly Macree, the symbol of hope amidst devastation and strength to persevere through poverty and famine, all the while never losing the deep love she held for her country, Ireland. Her expression is timeless, her costume displaying the poverty all around her and bringing us hope all at the same time. She looks at us, letting us know, she will prevail, she will use her inner strength of mind and body. She will keep loving, keep living, keep hoping, keep surviving.

We are in difficult times now. Although we are not in famine, we are facing a worldwide pandemic. We can look to Molly for hope, find our inner strength, our love for our fellow human beings. We can prevail. We can survive. We can keep on living. Let's learn from Molly Macree.

Stay healthy with love from Maureen and Kimber



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About Us

About Us

Almost anything you like can be framed. Not only will we frame anything for you, but we do it in-house!


About Us

About Us

About Us

Aisling has always had a small close knit staff, always with the same two goals. We want to make you feel right at home and leave happy.



About Us


We offer a wonderful selection of unique items that make great gifts for family & friends.  Some, highly sought after yet hard to find and others, hidden gems you didn't even know you wanted!

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